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Rooms blocks have been released. Should you need hotel rooms in Napoli please write and email (AIGE IIETA HOTEL RESERVATION REQUEST) to: 

In order to secure your reservation (subject to hotel availability) in case of cancellation or no show, a credit card number is needed. The hotel will charge your credit card according to the relevant policy of payment and cancellation.

Reservations will be accepted according to “first come first served” that is according to time and date of request. Room blocks will be constantly updated on the website and whenever a hotel is no longer available "SOLD OUT" will appear

If you prefer to book a room on your own, please take into account that hotel standards in Napoli are lower than the official and international standards so we strongly suggest to skip the cheapest rates or 1 or 2 stars properties. Please note that most hotels are not walking distance from the conference venue so before booking please make sure that they are well served by public transportation.