Kamel Hooman
Professor and Chair of Heat Transformation Technology,
TUDelft, The Netherlands.
Email: K.Hooman@tudelft.nl


Sustainability through an International Heat Market


It is estimated that about half of our global primary energy is wasted as heat. Recovery and reuse of that heat is currently challenging but possible. One of the main challenges is the mismatch between heat sink (demand) and (waste heat) source. To close these spatial and temporal gaps, heat should be stored and ideally packaged to be transportable. In that case, an international market for heat can be envisioned where depending on the enthalpy, temperature, and the time when heat is available, an agreed market value per kWh of heat can be decided. I present "Delft muffin" as a proposed currency for the future heat market wherein heat can be commodified.


Kamel Hooman studied and worked at The University of Queensland (Australia) before joining TUDelft as a Professor and Chair of Heat Transformation Technology. More than anything, he is proud of his service to community through educating future engineers and mentoring young researchers. Kamel conducts fundamental and applied research using a combination of numerical, experimental, and theoretical techniques. His work was rewarded by industry and funding agencies in Australia and overseas. He received several grants, awards, and fellowships from different agencies including The Australian Research Council and Australian Academy of Science. He was named Australian Research Field Leader in the field of Thermofluids. He serves as an Associate Editor for International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. He chaired and organized an IAHR international conference on heat exchangers and cooling towers in Australia while serving on many international conference committees. He delivered plenty of keynotes and plenaries in international conferences in US, EU, and Asia. He had visiting positions in Poland, China, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, and France. He co-edited two books on convection in porous media and thermal energy storage, both published by CRC. He has contributed to many books through chapters and published over 200 papers in international journals while delivering over 50 invited conference plenary and keynotes.